"It tastes like a better version of Monster!"
-Caffeine Man, 7/16/19In today's video, I do an honest review of all 5 flavors of Spider Energy Drink. Spider Energy Drink has been on the market for just about 10 years now and t...
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6 days ago

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I love my spiders! Hey for all you folks living in the boonies like me, cant find your spiders anywhere? Try your local dollar general. Youre sure to find them there. Thanks spider energy for the best energy drink in the biz. Bit and lit! <3

This guy is saying what we already knew!! These drinks are awesome, taste great and are better for you than the other brands. He is also 100% right about needing them in more stores!

I can only find two flavors locally but the citrus I absolutely love. Crisp and refreshing with a nice kick

Luv em ...I can only find the orange and the mimic But wow taste better then monster ! And only a 1$ each ...luv em ! What other 3 are there? I didnt try the Zero one though

I loved these. But then got diagnosed with acute pancreatitis and had to change to a healthier diet. Wish my Michigan dollar general has the lower carb ones.

My friend Ryan is the graphic designer of their products.

Pure Awesomeness!

The best

Spider energy drink is damn good

Makes me shred faster

Better version idk. Different taste and variety sure but they don’t make the same flavors so can’t compare though I love blow it USE!!!!! To be 99 cents


Need to get it in New England. We don't have it

Dude just blow the 180 for a ball and go for days.. duh

Can these be found in Canada?

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Check it out! #fueledbyspiderenergydrink!

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1 week ago

Happy Birthday America! Who Wants Some Spider Pucker Punch? Give us a Shoutout and tag @spiderenergy for a chance to win some swag! See MoreSee Less

3 weeks ago

Happy Birthday America! Who Wants Some Spider Pucker Punch? Give us a Shoutout and tag @spiderenergy for a chance to win some swag!


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Happy 4th of July Spider Energy Drink!!!! Bought some spider energy drinks for my party last night and everyone loved them would love to try this flavor and win some Sweet Swag 🤘🇱🇷

I just shared the post and hope like hell I can win something. Spider is the only energy drink I like now. Damn good product

Love my Spider just wish I could find more than 2 flavors... @spiderenergy keep up the awesome work ...

Happy 4th. Hell yeah I want to try that flavor. You guys are kick ass.

Happy 4th of July! The Energy You Have Been Looking For! SPIDER ENERGY!

Just picked up my case of Mimic....and Spider Energy Drink as well as Scorpion Pre Workout Drinks are the only way I get through a 16 hour shift in the truck

Happy 4th Of July would love some Spider Energy Drink

Rocks in the Glass, Rolls over the Ice... Cheers

Spider energy drink love your flavors but harder to find most stores carry bang not yours any more

I need to find this one. I don’t have it in my local dollar general!!

Shared the post love me some @spiderenergy

I would. Our Dollar General only sells three kinds and would like more varieties.

Need to go buy myself some Spider Energy Drink asap just wish i had a dollar general nearby that carries it as my local safeway charges $2 for it with it only occasional going to $1 a can

Can I get my cases please still waiting for them

Like and Shared I bet this spider 🕷 is a kick ass drink Starr Damron enter this

Yuck make me throw up

We dont have them in upstate NY. We should.

Ariel Darcey does 🙋🏼‍♀️!!

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The dynamic duo! @spiderenergydrink and @scorpionenergy invading #longisland by our new distributor partners @dncbeverage Look for these great brands throughout #nassau and #suffolk Country all across the island. #energydrink #bestenergy #preworkoutdrink #bestpreworkout #caffeine Scorpion is #keto and so is Zero Sugar Spider Energy

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1 month ago

The dynamic duo! @spiderenergydrink and @scorpionenergy invading #longisland by our new distributor partners @dncbeverage Look for these great brands throughout #nassau and #suffolk Country all across the island. #energydrink #bestenergy #preworkoutdrink #bestpreworkout #caffeine Scorpion is #keto and so is Zero Sugar Spider Energy 

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Awesome Spider Energy!

There seems to be an absence of a certain blue and pink can....which I drank today....#BirthdayCake

We're can I buy this

Need some of those when building Arachnid Cabinets

They only sell 3 kinds here in the Dollar General. Would like more flavors.

Same as many other comments, I've been to multiple dollar generals across three states, and the only options are orange and mimic, let alone the total absence of scorpion.

My dollar general only has 2 varieties of spider....wish they carried the berry and they carry no scorpions

Wish I could find the scorpion.

Did they change the formula mimic used to be so good now it tastes bad I think they like cut the sugar in half or something

We need this in Canada FFS. How much to send a 12 pack to Winnipeg?

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“Spider looks wicked, tastes in-freaking-credible, and never fails to give you a welcomed kick in the butt.  If I had a seal of approval, it would be on Spider Energy Drink. It would also feature a graphic of a seal sitting on a beach ball and clapping in approval.”

Reviewed by Dusty Smith | Read the Full Review Here

“awesome drink! bought all they had. need more almost out. found it at am pm in claremont. they didn’t have anymore.where do i go to get more?finally found one i like great taste.just my speed!actually both flavors are good.”

henry navarrete

“LOVE Spider Energy drink. delicous refreshing with no after taste and keeps me going. Luv the orange flavor, but the Spider Widow Maker is my all time favorite if a unique grape flavor.”


“Picked up some ‘widow maker’ in VA this week. I must say, Its one of my favorite energy drinks. The taste is unique and good and its affordable.”

Phil Litz

“9.33 out it 10. This is a drink (spoiler alert) that has everything going for it—low price, killer packaging, excellent taste, and a buzz that’s hard to match… It is seriously something I could see myself buying by the case—and that’s not something I say very often. If you can find it nearby, go out and grab a can or several (assuming you haven’t already, per my recommendation). And if it isn’t readily available near you—don’t let that stop you.”

Caffeine! The Energy Blog | Read the Full Review Here

“Speaking strictly from a flavor point of view, Spider Energy Drink is a pretty enjoyable, albeit familiar-tasting, product. There’s a very sweet (sugar sweetened) orange flavor to the drink, with a crisp bite to the finish.”

BEVNET® | Read the Full Review Here

“Just here to say that I really love this drink. I wish it were available more places!”

Kenna Lynn Horseman

“My local grocery store FINALLY GOT the new pucker punch. I have to say it was well worth the wait!!! Seriously, my new favorite flavor!!!!!”

Greg Wood