Summer days 😎

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17 hours ago

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Parry UpdikeMmm spider mimic Is the best :)17 hours ago

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Love ❤️ letter from a fan.

We often receive letters from consumers telling us that our products are great! There’s something about this letter that seemed extra special. Maybe it’s the bright yellow paper, perhaps the use of cool words like #Wickedly or #Remarkable or simply the closing statement "keep up the good work!" Either way this one deserved to be published. For taking the time to write us we’re gonna send a little something in return. Dear Raven, thank you for the letter. Sincerely yours, Spider-Man. See MoreSee Less

17 hours ago

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Doing a little exploring today 🕷🕸

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2 days ago

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Pam BoveCall and ask for MGR @ Folly Rd store her name is Jacque…..tell her who you are…Bove….my son…she’ll get them for you she rocks!!2 days ago
Anthony BoveThe Harris teeter grocery out here has had them on order for 6 weeks and none has come in. What can we do to get this tasty thing back on the shelf?2 days ago
Robert A. LoganI buy cases of Rise Again Strawberry Lemonade from a local Beacon convenience store…2 days ago
Kassi Bryant^^^^ seriously though! These are my favorite! I buy them by the case!2 days ago
Alex BarrettAre these sold in Nashville?2 days ago

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Ice cold @spiderenergydrink in this weather 🤤 See MoreSee Less

3 days ago


“Spider looks wicked, tastes in-freaking-credible, and never fails to give you a welcomed kick in the butt.  If I had a seal of approval, it would be on Spider Energy Drink. It would also feature a graphic of a seal sitting on a beach ball and clapping in approval.”

Reviewed by Dusty Smith | Read the Full Review Here

“awesome drink! bought all they had. need more almost out. found it at am pm in claremont. they didn’t have anymore.where do i go to get more?finally found one i like great taste.just my speed!actually both flavors are good.”

henry navarrete

“LOVE Spider Energy drink. delicous refreshing with no after taste and keeps me going. Luv the orange flavor, but the Spider Widow Maker is my all time favorite if a unique grape flavor.”


“Picked up some ‘widow maker’ in VA this week. I must say, Its one of my favorite energy drinks. The taste is unique and good and its affordable.”

Phil Litz

“9.33 out it 10. This is a drink (spoiler alert) that has everything going for it—low price, killer packaging, excellent taste, and a buzz that’s hard to match… It is seriously something I could see myself buying by the case—and that’s not something I say very often. If you can find it nearby, go out and grab a can or several (assuming you haven’t already, per my recommendation). And if it isn’t readily available near you—don’t let that stop you.”

Caffeine! The Energy Blog | Read the Full Review Here

“Speaking strictly from a flavor point of view, Spider Energy Drink is a pretty enjoyable, albeit familiar-tasting, product. There’s a very sweet (sugar sweetened) orange flavor to the drink, with a crisp bite to the finish.”

BEVNET® | Read the Full Review Here

“Just here to say that I really love this drink. I wish it were available more places!”

Kenna Lynn Horseman

“My local grocery store FINALLY GOT the new pucker punch. I have to say it was well worth the wait!!! Seriously, my new favorite flavor!!!!!”

Greg Wood